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I suggested my organization to purchase Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting Tool (after using the free evaluation version) for easing the management of domains, computers, users information, and users account and password. My organization bought it and my work as an administrator has now been very relaxing. Thanks.

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Simplifying Active Directory Management

Having a single Active Directory tool to perform all Active Directory management related tasks was a dream for administrators because there was no such tool available that could help them manage Active Directory from a central location. Now, this dream of the administrators has come true as Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting � an advanced, comprehensive, and prominent Active Directory tool is now available in the market.

The Active Directory tool facilitates the administrators and help desk staff to perform all Active Directory management and Reporting tasks such as creating users accounts, updating users information, resetting users account password, specifying logon hours, adding domains in Active Directory, creating organizational units, managing groups, managing computers, and managing servers in quick, easy, and efficient manner.

Executing a simple Active Directory management related tasks like unlocking the locked user account on multiple computers or creating a user profile consumes a lot of time of the administrator / help desk staff. Active Directory tool for Active Directory Management and Reporting helps administrators save a considerable amount of their valuable time by allowing them to perform these tasks from a central location.

The saved time can be utilized in other productive works thus, Active Directory tool is also a good time saver. In addition, the software helps increasing organizational return on investment, as there will be no need of additional staff for managing Active Directory attributes and objects.

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Software Features:
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Incorporating a vast range of salient features, Active Directory tool has proven itself as the best solution to effectively manage Active Directory objects such as users, computers, groups, servers, domains, organizational units, services, tasks, printers, devices, events, and network shares. Following are the astounding features of Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting software:

  • Provides a central location to manage all Active Directory objects
  • Domain management
  • Management of domain controller
  • Management of organizational units
  • Users account management
  • Users password management
  • Printers management
  • Groups management
  • Computers management
  • Server management
  • Events management
  • Tasks management
  • Services management
  • Devices management
  • Management of network shares
  • Management of distributed file system
  • Attributes management
  • Policy configuration and management
  • GPOs management
  • Built-in tool to check network status
  • Embedded object manager to create, manage, and execute Active Directory queries
  • Embedded object manager to create, manage, and execute WMI queries
  • Automatic reports generation
  • 24 x 7 technical support
  • Available for free evaluation
  • Windows explorer like user interface

The user interface of the software is self-descriptive; therefore, guides you through various processes for managing Active Directory objects. Active Directory facilitates you to gather updated information about the status of Active Directory objects through its automatically generated Active Directory reports. The software generates more than 65 customizable reports that can be saved in RTF, TXT, HTML, CSV, and PDF formats. In addition, the software provides facility to print reports.

Free Evaluation Version

You can try the software absolutely free as the demo version of Active Directory tool is available for free trial of 30 days. During the evaluation period, you can confirm the software potential before making a purchase. The demo version is fully functional and works similar to the full version. However, the demo version does not save Active Directory reports.